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Energy bill headaches?

Introducing the Smart Panel 3000™

Charge Bliss Smart Panel 3000 Energy Management System - West Hollywood CA

TheSmart Panel 3000

Our Energy Management System puts a stop to runaway Utility Demand Cost Fees that damage your bottom line.   levels demand spikes, preserves critical operations, and provides unprecedented visibility into individual circuit or device operational cost and efficiency.

The Smart Panel 3000 is the Energy Sentry watching over your Energy Ecosystem 24/7


This Energy Management System helps to ensure it's cost-effectiveness, reliability, and consistency.  Unlike a human Sentry, The Smart Panel never rests in its role to make your business thrive.  Using  Intelligent, Automated, and High-Speed circuit detection and adjustments, the Smart Panel drives  the business bottom line through Energy Ecosystem Optimization

Extend this Smart Grid Technology to Your Electric Panel


How High are Your Demand Fees?

Features, Functions, and Benefits

Smart Panel Specifications

Dashboard and Reporting

Smart Panel Dashboard.pngThe Smart Panel ™ 3000 is a revolutionary leap beyond traditional "monitoring" devices: 

  • One-minute resolution and "Forever Logging" of over 20 variables about each monitored device
  • Uses continuous analytics to execute operational priorities according to your business needs  
  • Export messages to key personnel when building devices are operating outside of acceptable norms
  • Identify opportunities for preventative maintenance, improved device lifespan, and cost-effective total cost of device ownership  
  • Key personnel have secure Web Portal access to view building system performance from any web-enabled device.  

Dashboard Tools:

  • Preconfigured and specialized reporting tools allow operations, financial, and sustainability managers to analyze your data
  • Reconcile actual site usage and demand with Utility rate structures to confirm accuracy of Utility billing
  • Compare the efficiency of devices to help understand when service may be required and extend device lifespans
  • Export reports to key personnel for budgeting, planning, and other prospective analytical functions
  • Determine averted emissions and other potential environmental impacts

CONTACT US for a live demonstration of the reporting system to learn how Charge Bliss can tailor the Smart Panel to your needs and create savings, effective operation, and sustainability. 


Power Shift Technology Automatically Lowers Your Energy Bill

Demand fees are penalties for the speed or intensity of commercial electricity usage that can account for up to 70% of a business' Utility bill.  Until now, the only method to manage demand has been to manually turn devices off at the expense of personnel time and with risk that a single missed event will result in the full penalty.  While so-called "smart" devices control their own operation, they cannot sense nor avoid "stacking" upon other loads within the building.    

For the first time, the Charge Bliss Smart Panel ™ treats your building as a single organism and uses its intelligence to coordinate and unstack loads while maintaining the operational performance you need.  

This Frame Shift Technology:

  • Determines the optimal timing and duration of specific discretionary loads
  • Supports unconstrained operation of critical systems
  • Decreases peak demand by as much as 25-30%
  • Dynamically balances operational needs, system control, and cost metrics to achieve what your business wants- savings, effectiveness, and sustainability.
Open ADR (Automated Demand Response) Capable

Utility companies are offering significant incentives for companies who are willing to shed load automatically up to 4 times per year.  Payments from the Utility are, in some cases, up to 20-fold what the business would otherwise pay to use the same power.  

The Charge Bliss Smart Panel offers Automated Demand Response configured to the needs of your specific business.  

  • Your business sets the parameters under which it will shed a specified amount of load and these are encoded into the Smart Panel
  • The Utility sends a coded message to the Smart Panel which, in turn, modulates site systems according to the priorities and limitations set by ownership  
  • Critical operations remain undisturbed while non-critical loads are shed 
  • In many cases, a single such episode can pay for more than the entire cost of the Smart Panel  
Solar Generation and Net Metering Support

Existing solar owners may have limited information about how their system is performing. The Smart Panel 3000 automatically records, analyzes, and reports on you system's performance, providing

  • Time-stamped matchup of energy usage and demand profiles with device operation
  • Reconciliation with the Utility bill
  • Facilitates collection of incentives for clean energy production, battery deployment, and others
  • Provides insight into the quality, reliability, and durability of your devices.  
  • Identify methods to optimize solar productivity
  • Contribute to further insights for building efficiency including microgrid design to further drive site costs down 


Early Detection Warnings for Equipment

The Smart Panel 3000 continuously monitors and logs more than 20 time-stamped power and energy variables regarding the devices or circuits of interest.   When one or more devices begins to drift out of its normal operational range, this may be detected as increased energy draw from the utility, decreased device performance, or both.  

For example, one of several HVAC at a Smart Panel-controlled office building began demonstrating slowly increasing demand to maintain the same building temperature.  Early intervention identified an inexpensive repair that, had it not been performed, would have resulted in significant additional demand charges followed by premature device failure.  

The Smart Panel informs you about your building performance in ways that were previously beyond imagining and may decrease maintenance costs, extend operational lifespan, and further drive cost savings.

Automated Demand Limiting

Demand charges are a second cost or penalty paid by businesses for the speed at which they draw power and can account for up to 70% of the monthly Utility cost.  The Smart Panel 3000™ is configured to meet your specific needs for building performance while enforcing demand limits to keep your costs down.

Like a Sentry watching over your energy system, the Smart Panel

  • Continuously monitors, records, and acts upon data
  • Limits peak demand spikes through Time Shift Technology
  • Maintains the operational priorities set by the business.  
  • Ensures that customers and employees enjoy the same comfort levels they desire

The Charge Bliss Smart Panel 3000 reduces demand penalties while preserving performance.

"Forever Logging" - long term storage of site performance data on a secure cloud

The Smart Panel 3000 continuously logs and analyzes over 20 power and energy variables for each monitored device with one-minute resolution on a secure Cloud.  In addition to reporting site-specific, automated messages to your designated personnel, the Charge Bliss Smart Panel provides a wide range of important analytical reports available through a secure Web portal.  These, in turn, help you understand your site "ecosystem" at a far more granular level than ever before and identify potential opportunities for preventative maintenance, budgeting and planning for life-cycle changes in device performances. 

Data is preserved for long durations to assist in understanding the longitudinal performance of individual devices, whole systems, and businesses as a whole.  In addition to preconfigured reports that are accessible to designated key personnel from any web-enabled device, Charge Bliss provides

  • Assistance to configure site specific reports
  • Periodic analysis of Smart Panel performance to seek further optimization
  • Formulation of notification rules and message types
  • Service after installation to ensure optimal satisfaction and to facilitate adjustments as the business evolves

Charge Bliss Smart Panel acts like a Sentry recording and reporting on business electrical systems to foster efficiency, effectiveness, and savings.

Getting from Pain to Performance

Businesses experience Energy as an

ever-increasing expense.  One can either decrease energy consumption by manually turning devices off, buying expensive, higher efficiency devices, or simply continue to suffer the "headache."  


Managing your equipment doesn't need to be a headache

The Smart Panel 3000 can reduce Utility bills up to 20%

Discover mechanical issues!

The Smart Panel 3000 reports over 20 energy demand and performance variables for each monitored device.

Solar Generation

The Smart Panel monitors and reports upon the productivity of solar systems whether standalone or integrated into a Charge Bliss Microgrid.

Extend the life of your equipment

The Smart Panel 3000 can identify electrical device problems before they would otherwise be apparent.

Stop paying so much in Demand Fees

The Smart Panel 3000 automatically lowers your demand fees and cuts bills substantially.

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Charge Bliss works with your team to configure the system according to your specific business priorities-  you define critical versus non-critical building system performance and your goals for demand reduction- the Smart Panel executes accordingly.  What if you want further savings?  The secure, cloud-based Smart Panel reporting system can help show you how your building is performing and provide insight into opportunities for additional savings.  Charge Bliss Team will work with you to dynamically adjust to the evolving needs and priorities of your business over time.    


CONTACT US to learn how the Smart Panel 3000™ can be the Sentry watching over your electrical systems- observing, reporting, and adjusting according to your needs.