About Charge Bliss

Charge Bliss was organized in 2011 to combine intelligent technologies for building energy management with electric vehicle charging. By integrating optimal components and systems, Charge Bliss strives to simultaneously lower the business and facilities’ energy costs significantly while providing ancillary benefits such as clean, efficient, and resilient power. Working with diverse stakeholders including utilities, business owners, interest groups, and industry leaders, Charge Bliss has developed a unique and comprehensive approach to energy management that is scalable for nearly all sizes of business. Charge Bliss recognizes that the success of your organization is key to our own success. We are committed to helping you to define your needs and to find the best solution to make your building energy system be more cost-effective. While in many scenarios this may be a Charge Bliss controller, microgrid, or both, we understand that this will not always be the case.

Let's Develop Your Sustainability Program

Charge Bliss offers consultancy & engineering services to provide in depth energy management solutions.

Why Choose Charge Bliss

Do you know what combination of energy technologies and services would provide your buildings the lowest energy costs and electricity consumption? Neither do we! However, we know how to find out. Charge Bliss is technology agnostic and we analyze, identify, and implement the optimal energy solutions for your facilities and organization.  This approach does not favor any one technology and allows you to lower operational costs and utility demand fees while optimizing building efficiency.

We carefully scrutizine your facilities’ energy profile using

Electrical Bills and Usage Data
Lighting, HVAC, and other Electrical Loads