November 2, 2017

All-Time Record 1200 Attendees Participate at GPS Your Future Event

Charge Bliss presented it’s strategies and efforts toward promoting renewable energy
May 7, 2014

Charge Bliss Wins Another $1.5M Grant for a Net Zero Energy Community

Charge Bliss was awarded $1.5M to design a net zero emissions...
March 12, 2014

Charge Bliss Nearing Completion of $4.8 million Hospital Microgrid in California

In February, 2015, Charge Bliss was awarded $4.8 million to design, build, and operate a renewable energy microgrid...
March 8, 2014

Net Metering is over in Hawaii. Now What?

As of October 12, 2015, the Public Utilities Commission stopped net metering...