News and Primer for the Charge Bliss Fast Charger on Big Island


Charge Bliss installed the first fast electric vehicle charger at The Shops at Maunalani on the Big Island of Hawaii.

L This is hailed as a significant benefit to the local community. Charging at home is often overnight, and can be time consuming. Because of it's 480V charging, all the time you need to charge a Nissan Leaf -or any other EV- is around 30 minutes. Use of the charger has been good through the year but we've since noticed a few folks have questions regarding the site. So here is a primer to the Charge Bliss Level 3 Fast Charger.

ā€˛Happy Fast Charging!"


1. Where is it?

The Shops at Maunalani in beautiful Kamuela on the Big Island of Hawaii.

2. How do I actually charge my EV?

Please refer the Pictorial Guide to Charging at The Shops at Mauna Lani @ by Douglas Teeple of the Big island EV Association (

3. What are the cards drivers are waving in front of the charger?

A network is needed to use an FEVC, like a phone plan. Our customers use Greenlots network (lots of people do as there is no membership fee) but there are other popular ones like Charge Point; there are plenty, each with pros and cons. I'd suggest have them do research online or see what's the most practical on Hawaii.

4. Plugshare phone application

A free application, from the App Store or Google Play store, to see what type of chargers are available nearby, anywhere on their smart phone.

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