Charge Bliss Nearing Completion of $4.8 million Hospital Microgrid in California


In February, 2015 Charge Bliss was awarded $4.8 million to design, build, and operate a renewable energy microgrid at a complex healthcare facility.

The funds originated from the California Energy Commission, and Charge Bliss also beat out two University of California schools for the grant funds. A microgrid – an electric grid separate from the local utility grid- will enable the hospital to generate, store, and use electricity in case of power outages, while working in tandem or independently of the existing electrical grid, respectively.

After completion, the system will produce 365,000 kWh of clean energy annually.

It will demonstrate aggregated revenue streams and savings through the value of usage and peak demand reduction ($280,000/yr, $60,000/yr respectively), automated demand response with PG&E ($200/kW, 4 times/year, 100kW) = $80,000/yr), and CAISO market participation estimated to be worth over $100,000/year.

This watershed project will be the second largest microgrid on the West coast and the only renewable energy microgrid at a California hospital.


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