@ Microgrids Can Prevent Outages during Earthquakes | Charge Bliss*

“On the West Coast, we’re constantly hearing about the mega earthquake. The value of having microgrids that can continue operating as first responders if that earthquake happens is almost priceless,” says Rhys Roth, director of the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure at Evergreen State College.

This is undeniable and especially pertinent to Charge Bliss’ primary area of business: California.

While city and state disasters are not on everyone’s mind all the time – we’re not all doom and gloom – optimism and job creation are.

Microgrids help create jobs and facilitate economic development.

This is undeniable and especially pertinent to Charge Bliss’s business area: California.

So while the value of microgrids are very easy to understand, they are not definitely not easy to implement.

Roth adds, “It’s hard to calculate the short-term value of some grid investments versus others,” he says.

But cities and states – like California – that push for sustained investment in energy infrastructure will be at the forefront of disaster preparedness.

Microgrids offer a proven and effective hedge not only against utility grid failures but also against ever-rising electricity costs.