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Solar Energy

Solar photovoltaics (PV) continues to be one of the fastest-growing electricity-generating technologies.

In 2016 it accounted for nearly 40% of all newly installed electricity sources in the U.S., second only to natural gas generation.

It is abundant and its fuel is free, clean, and renewable.

Energy Storage

The energy of generated electricity can be stored as a chemical energy, mostly in batteries.

This is a key component of microgrid configurations and it provides resiliency and redundancy.

Energy storage can have significant advantages by helping to lower demand charges, especially when paired with solar.

Fuel Cell

Stationary fuel cell technology is established and has proven to be very efficient and clean.

It produces electricity by using the hydrogen (typically from natural gas or biogas) as it’s fuel source and uses it electrochemically, with no combustion and very minimal pollutants.

It is a great option in a CHP (combined heat & power) configuration, which enables facilities to get the benefit of both electricity and heat.

LED Lighting

LEDs offer significant benefits and consume far less electricity than traditional lighting technologies.

They are also cooler and therefore safer and reduce the risk of burning.

They are typically made with epoxy lenses and not glass, and therefore sturdier and more resistant to breaking.


There are a number of ways to make existing HVAC systems more efficient, including VFDs/VSD’s, electronically commutated motors, or even simply keeping coils clean.


EMS or BMS is incredibly important for facilities that are large consumers of electricity.

These automated systems provide insights on how to optimally control your facilities’ efficiency and productivity by allowing you to monitor and control how and when your electricity loads are used.

Smart Panel 3000

Charge Bliss’ Smart Panel 3000 is an EMS solution geared toward small to mid-size facilities.

It puts a stop to the high demand charges that can account for up to 70% of your electricity bill.

It levels those demand spikes using intelligent and high-speed circuit detection and can make the automated adjustments necessary to reduce your costs.

EV Chargers

The number of electric vehicles is sky-rocketing and expected to top 3 million worldwide by 2020, according to Navigant Research.

There are a number of benefits having these on your property, including:

  • Brand Enhancement: EV chargers are a great solution for those businesses and organizations looking to enhance their sustainability reputation, progressive leadership, and environmental stewardship.

  • Increase in Visibility: As the number of owners of electric vehicles increases, attracting these drivers will provide an opportunity for you to introduce them to your business and make them a client.
  • Added Revenue: There are surfaces on the EV chargers themselves that can be branded and provide advertising space. This provides an advantage over other properties that do not provide this amenity.