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Since 2011, Charge Bliss’ mission has been to bring highly cost effective, technically superior, and sustainable energy solutions to healthcare facilities, businesses with expensive or critical power needs, municipalities, and communities of need.

We develop, design, build, and, depending upon the site objectives, operate renewable energy microgrids- tailored solutions combining one or more energy resources such as renewable energy generation (solar, wind, hydrogen-fueled fuel cells or generators), existing conventional generation (combined heat and power [CHP] + diesel, natural gas fuel cell), battery energy storage, and the right controls to optimize site performance.

Our passionate, expert, and committed team prioritizes your objectives and needs making sure that we can deliver the project within your vision.



Healthcare facilities face mounting financial pressures that challenge leadership and operations teams to find innovative ways to reduce costs without adversely impacting performance.

Energy supply has long been considered an unavoidable, fixed, escalating cost.

At best, facilities might reduce costs with efficiency items, but often at considerable capital expense.

Solutions have emerged to significantly reduce energy expense, increase facility resiliency in the face of utility outages, and meet sustainability goals.

As pioneers and leaders in the design, engineering, construction, and operation of multi-resource microgrids (energy generation + storage + innovative controls), Charge Bliss is showing how hospitals may become sustainable, energy efficient, and cost-effective as well as more resilient when grid power is unavailable.

A combination of state/federal incentives along with Charge Bliss’s financing partners, these projects are made possible with zero to minimal upfront capital requirements for hospitals.

Leveraging the ground-breaking experience of its installation at Kaiser Permanente in Richmond, California, Charge Bliss has gone on to design the completely islandable system at the San Benito Health Foundation Healthcare clinic in Hollister, California and is leading the design, engineering, construction, and operation of a $15MM microgrid at the Kaiser Permanente facility in Ontario, California.

Systems not only deliver local energy and demand management with significant cost reduction for the facilities, but also can participate in utility services programs that yield substantial additional, recurring revenues.

Grants and Project Funding:

Charge Bliss has exceptional experience developing, writing, and winning grants for energy projects.

With over $17MM in grant funding and experience with both State and Federal programs, Charge Bliss has unique capabilities and understanding of how best to target the right solicitations with the right team.

We work with teammates and partners to combine the best technologies, solid engineering and design, recognized skill, and knowledge of regulatory, financial, and key stakeholder considerations to develop the optimal opportunities.

Charge Bliss has demonstrated the ability to work with a range of organizations from non-profits such as Kaiser Permanente and the San Benito Health Foundation, to large manufacturing entities like Sun-Maid, to municipalities/State entities like the California Energy Commission (CEC) and Office of Statewide Healthcare Planning and Development (OSHPD), and also tribal communities such as the Paskenta tribe.

Our expertise has been recognized with appointments of our leadership to the Hospital Building Safety Board of OSHPD.

Whether it is bringing grants, third-party finance, tax incentives or rebates to the table, Charge Bliss can provide a diverse array of options for funding your project.

We have solutions tailored to non-profits, cash-constrained commercial businesses, and entities looking to maximize their benefits through tax incentives.

We look forward to developing the situation that fits your needs.



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