@ Charge Bliss installed the first fast electric vehicle charger at The Shops at Maunalani on the Big Island of Hawaii | Charge Bliss*

This is hailed as a significant benefit to the local community. Charging at home is often overnight, and can be time-consuming.

Because of its 480V charging, all the time you need to charge a Nissan Leaf or any other EV is around 30 minutes.

The use of the charger has been good through the year but we’ve since noticed a few folks have questions regarding the site. So here is a primer to the Charge Bliss Level 3 Fast Charger.

Happy Fast Charging!

1. Where is it?
The Shops at Maunalani in beautiful Kamuela on the Big Island of Hawaii.

2. How do I actually charge my EV?

Please refer the Pictorial Guide to Charging at The Shops at Mauna Lani @ http://evhawaii.org/pictorialguideshops.pdf by Douglas Teeple of the Big island EV Association https://www.facebook.com/evhawaii/

3. What are the cards drivers are waving in front of the charger?

A network is needed to use an FEVC, like a phone plan.

Our customers use Greenlots network (lots of people do as there is no membership fee) but there are other popular ones like Charge Point; there are plenty, each with pros and cons.

I’d suggest having them do research online or see what’s the most practical on Hawaii.

4. Plugshare phone application

A free application, from the App Store or Google Play store, to see what type of chargers are available nearby, anywhere on their smartphone.