@ How Microgrids Can Transform Hospital Energy Usage | Charge Bliss*

As we progress further into the digital age, the market for medical technologies and digital medicine is exploding.

As beneficial as this is for the public, the problem it creates is additional demand on the already strained electrical Grid.

With power safety shut offs becoming more and more common, hospitals need to find cost efficient solutions for their energy needs as well as increased resiliency.

This is where microgrids come in.

With the ability to provide consistent, renewable energy, a hospital microgrid will be able to perform demand response during normal grid operation, and also reduce/replace the need for diesel back up during an outage.

Charge Bliss is currently involved in a project demonstrating this concept and a hospital in Ontario, CA.

The project being developed is a first of its kind 2MW solar + 9MWh Battery + 1MW fuel cell microgrid that will support the hospital’s critical load during grid outages.