What We Do

We Provide Intelligent Energy Solutions


Charge Bliss is technology agnostic and we simply analyze, identify, and implement the right energy solutions for your facilities and organization.  This approach allows you to lower operational costs and utility demand fees while optimizing building efficiency.  

Our Work

Helping Businesses Make, Keep, Redeploy Their Own Renewable Energy

Charge Bliss integrates solar power systems, advanced solar battery storage, energy demand management, along with fast electric vehicle charging. 



Generating clean energy to meet your business demands.


Storing clean and excess energy for peak energy demand reduction.


Monitor your energy use and supply in live time.

Draw power from the grid as necessary.

Utilize the most cost effective resources at all times.

1st Fast EV Charger on Big Island!

Blessings toward sustainable transportation practices.

50 kiloWatt Fast EV Charger

Located at the Shops at Mauna Lani, Big Island

Smart Panel 3000

1 minute incremental data

Smart Panel 3000

Smart Panel 3000 installation

Charge Bliss

We will provide a completely turn-key solution, including:

Energy and Utility Profile Analysis

Determination of Optimal Energy Solutions Specific to Your Facilities

Financing Options and Solutions

Engineering and Installation of the Energy Savings Measures



Charge Bliss will analyze your building's energy usage to develop an energy solution that best fits your needs.  Charge Bliss is not in the business to sell you the most expensive energy solution, or to push one type of technology.  Our goal is to work with you to develop an energy demand management strategy.  We review with you each available technology and explain the advantages and disadvantages. This allows you to make the most informed decision.  As a licensed general contractor, Charge Bliss will provide turn-key design and installation of your energy solution project.  

General Contracting Services & Turn-key Installations

Charge Bliss Construction California is a licensed general contractor.  This allows us to provide you with turn-key construction services.  

We are currently installing a Microgrid (solar + energy battery storage + advanced controls) on a Kaiser Hospital in Northern CA.   

Solar Battery Storage

For the greatest reduction in energy costs, you now have more than just solar as an energy solution.  Installing solar by itself will only produce energy during peak solar activity (approx. 11am - 4pm), which in turn can only offset USAGE energy costs.  What happens when your building has a spike in power at 9 am or 5 pm?  This is why you need to explore energy battery storage as an option. 

Microgrid Design (Solar + Energy Storage + Advanced Controls)

Charge Bliss is currently designing an Advance Energy Community with Net-Zero energy usage within Carson California through a California Energy Commission grant.   The goal of the project is to reduce the building energy usage, then add EV charging, then offset all of that energy usage with Solar + Battery. 

The project will include the following:  


Battery Storage

Fast Electric Vehicle Charging

LED Lighting

HVAC Controls

Energy Consulting Services for Energy Solutions

Sifting through the maze of energy solutions & technologies can be a daunting task.  Charge Bliss's team of technology experts can help you design/develop an energy management system that is fit for purpose and aligned with your emerging energy needs.

As an independent developer, Charge Bliss does not manufacture any technologies  or promote one solution.  Our goal is to give you the straight facts so that we can identify, design and install the right energy management program for you.

Energy Demand Management

Your energy bill consists of two main charges:  Usage Fees & Demand Fees. 


Demand Fees can make up over half of your Utility Bill.  

Bill demand fee.png


A SINGLE spike in your energy during the month will trigger these Demand Fees.


Solar alone will do nothing for this spike.  The purpose for the energy battery storage is to discharge energy to reduce that monthly spike.




Fast Electric Vehicle Charging

Charge Bliss provides Level 3 Fast EV Charging Stations.  Level 3 is currently the fastest charging stations available and are the most desirable by consumers.  Nearly all stores that install EV chargers only put in Level 2 chargers.  Although these are beneficial, consumers really desire the Level 3 that can charge a car in 30 minutes.  The spike in energy that is created by the Level 3 chargers can be managed by a Micogrid.